Lamont clamping machinery

Alan Lamont has been designing and manufacturing assembly machinery for the woodworking industry since the early 1980's, producing machines used in the speedy assembly of a wide range
of items including furniture, kitchens, coffins and many other bespoke items manufactured in woodworking factories in the UK and around the world.

All the equipment in the Lamont range is designed and built in South West Scotland and none is imported or bought in, This enables Lamont to supply a a machine which suits the customers exact requirements.

Lamont also supply fully refurbished previously owned machines.

Why Choose Us ?

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    All equipment manufactured in the UK

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    Equipment designed to suit customers exact requirements

  • Supply fully refurbished machines

  • Complete service from spares to repairs

Services we offer

Although most well known for the range of Matrix table assembly clamps and radio frequency glue curing equipment, Lamont have in recent years changed the face of coffin production in the UK and Ireland with a number of machines designed to increase the quality and speed of manufacture, enabling the coffin industry to offer a better quality and more competitively priced coffin.

We supply clamping machines, gluesetters, previously owned equipment and sparesĀ and repairs.

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